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How does artificial intelligence contribute to public values? A large-scale patent analysis

  A 4POINT0 project presentation & discussion   Come and meet the 4POINT0 research teams!  Researchers, students and their industrial partners invite you to discover and discuss their 4POINT0 projects. Join us on November 30, 2022 to learn about our research findings at 4POINT0. Presented by Sergio Pelaez (Georgia Institute of Technology), supervisor Philip Shapira […] Read more

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New Technologies as Industrial Performance Tools, the Case of Cordé Électrique

by Nicolas Sacchetti Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the performance of the production chain. However, without a seasoned culture of continuous improvement, performance will be short-lived. Lise Déziel, CEO of Cordé Électrique, shares her experience with the technological shift in her electrical harness company. Not to be confused with it. Cordé Électrique is not in the […] Read more

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